1. State the role of the fishing harbour.

Ans:    The role of the fishing harbour is to provide facilities needed between catching the fish and eating the fish.

 2. Name the types of harbours

 Ans:   There are two types of harbours

            i. Traditional Harbours,

            ii. Modern harbours.

 3.  Write about the common attributes of harbours.

Ans:       All harbours have a number of common attributes.           

  1. Provide shelter from strong winds.
  2. An easily identified channel of a certain depth for approach and entrance.
  3. A large and protected basin of a certain depth.
  4. Provides a protective break water to reduce wave effects.
  5. Provides facilities for boat repair and maintenance.

 4. What are the factors have been determined the location of harbours in the Maldives.

Ans:      Three factors have been determined the location of harbour in the Maldives. They are as  follows.

  1. The size of population.
  2. The availability of protected waters.
  3. An easy reach of fishing ground.

 5. What are the facilities needed to a traditional harbour?

Ans:      A Traditional harbour needs only modest facilities for clearing, salting, selling and storage.

 6. Explain the functions of a modern harbour. Or write notes on the functions of a modern harbour.


  1. Boat building, repair, maintenance and supply.
  2. Visual and electronic navigational aids to safely assist vessels.
  3. Utility services such as fuel oil, water and electricity supply, water drainage, repair and sewerage systems and fire fighting equipment.
  4. Fishing gear manufacturing.
  5. Deep water landing.
  6. Quicker unloading such as

                                                              i.      Adequate quays,

                                                            ii.      Loading bays,

                                                          iii.      Cranes and storage sheds.

        7. Handling and processing catch.

        8. Distributing networks such as adequate road connections.

        9. Selling fresh and processed fish.

 7. Define the term “boatyards”

Ans:     Harbour is to provide a place where boats can be built and repaired, this place is called a boatyard.

8. What are the facilities available in a modern boatyard?

Ans:     A modern boatyard has facilities for

  1. Storage timber.
  2. Machinery repair.
  3. Disposing of waste.
  4. Hauling and launching boats.

 9. Write any 2 differences between the traditional harbours and the modern harbours.



Traditional harbours

Modern harbours

a)      Handle small boats and small quantity of catches.

b)      Needs only modest facilities such as salting, cleaning, selling and storage


a)      Handle large vessels and larger quantities of catches

b)      All the modest facilities are available.




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