5.2.2 Fish Stocks

fish stocks (pdf)


1. State the three areas of fisheries resources found in the Maldives.
Ans. The three main fishing grounds or places for fisheries resouces in Maldives are
i. Inshore
ii. Near shore
iii. Offshore.

2. Name the species of live bait fish caught in the Maldives.
Ans. The main species of live bait fish are
i. Silver sprat (rehi)
ii. Fusiliers (mugurran)
iii. Cardinal fish (boadhi)
          Other live bait varieties include
i. Blue sprat (hondeli)
ii. Anchovy (miyaren)
iii. Damsel fish (bureki)
iv. Damselfish (nilamehi)
v. Silversides (thaavalha)

3. Give the examples of edible reef fish resources of the Maldives.
A. Edible reef fish resources of the Maldives include:
i. Groupers.
ii. Snappers
iii. Emperors
iv. Travelly (jack)

4. State an economical importance of sponges.
A. They (sponges) have anti-cancer effects.

5. How many species of sea cucumber (beche-de-mer) are exported from the Maldives.
A. Nine species of sea cucumber are exported from the Maldives.

6. Name the most valuable species of sea-cucumber in the Maldives.
A. The most valuable species of sea-cucumber in the Maldives is Thelenota ananas , known as alanaasi.

7. State the lowest value species of sea cucumber in the Maldives.
A. The lowest value species of sea-cucumber in the Maldives is Holothuria atra

8. Explain how the molluscs are useful to human beings.
A. Molluscans are useful to humans in many ways.

  • Giant clam’s meat is used as a food for humans.
  • The extractives of clams used for medical purpose, including an anti fertility drug.

     The molluscs have always been of interest to humans:

  1. As food
  2. As source for dye (murex)
  3. As host to parasites
  4. As a destructive borers
  5. As producer of pears(oysters)
  6. Their shells have been collected for buttons and jewellery

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