There are five kingdoms

  1. Monera
  2. Protista
  3. Fungia
  4. Plantia
  5. Animalia

Monera: they do not have a cell nucleus. Monera are simple organisms ex: bacteria, blue green algae.

Protista: they are simple, single-celled organisms with a large nucleus. Ex: Algae , protozoa,  ciliates, flagellates and diatoms

Fungia: they are unicellular

They have tube-like filaments or hyphae.

They reproduce asexually or sexually with the formation of spores.

Fungia lack chlorophyll and live either as saprophytes or parasites.

Among the fungi are parasites that cause disease of plants and animals. Ex: mushrooms, toadstools, moulds, rusts, yeasts and lichens.

Plantia: plants are multicellular autotrophic organisms.

They make food from water and carbondioxide using the suns energy photosynthesis.

Ex: mosses, ferns, cone-bearing plants and flowering plants.

Animalia: Animals are multicellular heterotrophic organisms with or without backbones.

            Those animals that have back bones are called vertebrates.

            Animals without backbones are called invertebrates.

Define the following terms:

Asexual Reproduction: The production of new individuals by a single organism without involving gametes.

Autotrophic: an organism that make its own food such as a plant.

Eucaryotic: has a true nucleus

Parasites: live off other living organisms.

Prokaryotic: do not have a true nucleus

Saprophytes: live on dead or decaying matter.

Sexual Reproduction: The production of new individuals with gametes.


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